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Boyd Park, Southbank

Client: City of Melbourne

Boyd Park involved a complete overhaul of the existing site, where a recent building was just demolished. All existing paving and landscape was removed with excavation, fill and grading taking place to allow for the next stage of construction. Special care was taken with the removal and preservation of existing bluestone kerb & channel as well as any amenities which could be refurbished and used on the new site, such as bike hoops, bollards, bins etc.

Following the earthworks, a mix of pedestrian and vehicle grade pavement ranging from asphalt to bonded aggregate were installed alongside Australian bluestone kerb & gutter stone. Stormwater and AG drain with associated excavation, bedding & compaction undertaken with connections made to existing drainage where necessary. 

A mix of in-situ and precast concrete walls and edging complete with anti-graffiti coating were installed as well as a concrete retaining wall and steel edge. Amenities such as park seating, picnic tables with USB ports, picnic benches, bicycle hoops etc. were all put in as part of this project. Multipro overviewed, supplied and installed the new playground equipment as specified by the City of Melbourne.

A wide range of electrical, hydraulic & irrigation services were installed by Multipro including park lights, power for USB connections, sprinklers and water fountains among others. To finish, the park required the installation of irrigated turf grass, rubber softfall surfaces, mulch garden beds and a sand pit complete with shrubbery. 

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