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Coburg City Oval Storm Water Harvesting System, Coburg

Client: Moreland City Council

This project for Moreland City Council was undertaken in order to store water runoff to be used for irrigation for the nearby Oval. As well as this a rain garden complete with a footbridge and timber seating and planting was installed with the intention of being used more by the public.

The area was first closed off to the public before bulk earthworks took place to allow for the construction of a 600KL matrix tank, before it was sealed, tested and backfilled before the rain garden and pond were built. The area for the rain garden was lined, slotted drain was laid before backfill with three layers of filtering media was placed, this rain garden was then planted as specified in the specs.

Hard structures such as a timber boardwalk with footings, a concrete pond with timber seating, corten steel edging with built-in weirs allowing water to flow, a rock wall spanning the length of the pond with concrete edging and a granitic sand path to allow pedestrian access were all constructed as part of this project.

Pits to house the harvest and transfer pump stations with all associated cabling and valves were installed with recirculation pipe work installed via trenching & directional boring. This pipework connects the matrix tank through a pump shed with UV disinfection to existing water storage used to irrigate the oval. A flow meter attached to a footing on the timber bridge regulates water levels in the pond and rain garden ensuring no flooding occurs.

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