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Elliot Avenue Royal Park, Billabong

Client: City Of Melbourne

This job involved demolition and excavation, with a stormwater diversion, rain garden install as well as some rockwork and planting.

Existing water mains first had to be decommissioned as well as a tree removal, before excavation and stockpile of material could take place. A 450mm clay liner was installed and followed by a geotechnical study and compaction testing for suitability to support the rain garden.


The existing stormwater pit was removed and disposed off with a new diversion pit and gross pollutant trap being installed. Boring took place to allow for the install of reinforced concrete pipe. New drains and a drainage pit were installed also. Excavation and compaction for the rain garden area was completed before install of liner and various filter media and slotted drain.


Granite boulders and a rock wall were added as per the plans. The rain garden was then dressed and planted with any disturbed areas reinstated and planted with specified grass.

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