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Gardiner Reserve, North Melbourne

Client: City Of Melbourne

This project for the City of Melbourne aimed to upgrade an existing park by improving access in and around the park while adding new drainage, lights, irrigation and amenities for public use.

Removal of existing kerbs, traffic islands, retaining walls, playground equipment, clearing of landscape and disposal of all unnecessary material on site. Bluestone & precast kerb and channel works, asphalt pavement install and some asphalt re-sheeting.


Installation of new drainage pipes, drains & storm water pits including connections to existing stormwater drainage while existing grates levels were raised. New granitic gravel and in-situ concrete pavement, synthetic softfall rubber surface as well as concrete and Bluestone retaining walls were installed. Removal, refurbishment and reinstallation of existing signage and various amenities such as double BBQ, picnic tables, playground equipment, park seating etc. Install of new bins, fountains, seats, playground equipment etc. Soft landscaping such as turf, mulch, shrub planting and tree plantation was undertaken here. All park lights were removed while Multipro oversaw the install, test & commission of new lights. Existing sprinklers were removed with a complete new sprinkler system installed.

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