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Lincoln Square Park Expansion, Carlton

Client: City of Melbourne

Lincoln Square required expanding outwards while altering existing traffic conditions by, removing footpath, road and car park spaces while adding new pavement, road, drainage, irrigation, lighting etc.

Existing asphalt road and footpath pavement, as well as traffic islands, a retaining wall, planting & garden beds were all removed and disposed of. With bluestone kerb, amenities such as park benched, light poles, street signs, bins, ticket machines etc. being removed and stockpiled for future use. Excavation & trimming was undertaken to achieve new levels before crushed rock was placed for road and footpath construction.

Multipro were responsible for the supply and install of the following; granite pavers, asphalt pavement, asphalt inlay on roads, asphalt road pavement, granitic sand pavement, bluestone edging both new & reclaimed, timber & steel edging, concrete edge tree pits, as well as an Australian Bluestone clad wall on both new and existing concrete footings. Traffic management was employed throughout the project.

Supply and installation of varying sizes of reinforced concrete pipe, subsoil drainage, with new pits was required. Existing pits were modified and raised. Existing irrigation was either removed or relocated as required. With all pipe work and new sprinklers also installed by Multipro. Furniture and fixings included stainless steel & timber batten seating, park benches, bins and skate deterrents. All conduits, cable reticulation, foundations & footings, as well as poles required for lighting were installed with boring, excavation & trenching necessary. Turf grass, mulch garden beds, tube stock and potted shrubs were all planted as part of these works.

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